You Don’t Know Which Type of Visa to Apply For

People assume that attaching landed properties, car receipts in their names or reference letters from their place of employment will influence the perception of the Consular on their visa application.

Before beginning the application process, an applicant must pass an eligibility or assessment test for the visa category for which he or she intends to apply. Every visa category has its own class of prospective applicants, and applying if you do not fit into this class will result in failure. For instance, someone over the age of 30 should not apply for a BSc program abroad.

There are several deployable options for exploring international benefits, but the prerequisite is an eligibility test conducted by a professional, the results of which will suggest the most appropriate pathway for such a prospect.

Our team of experienced consultants are available to help you figure out which type of visa to apply for.

24 November, 2021