Agents Can’t arrange Invitations for you.

True, you read right! Getting an invitation can't be manipulated because countries ensure immigrants follow the law before entering. Any suspected document manipulation could result in a 10-year ban on an applicant's profile.

The applicant may not know the agent's profile. An invitation from a stranger puts you at danger of negative association.

If the person has a criminal past, you may not be considered for a visa for years. Worse, if the person entered illegally and then regularized, it's unlikely you'll get a visa. Never let an agent obtain an invitation for you.

Want a fun fact? No invitation is needed to visit any country. In order to convert clients and increase profits, some agents may reprimand applicants harshly.

At Birdview Travels, we believe that visa application is the art of narration and not deception and misrepresentation.

If you’ve been in these shoes, you can speak with our advisers and they would be pleased to guide you on how to improve your application towards achieving your goal.

21 September, 2021