Who should be the primary applicant for a Canadian PR application?

In the Canada Immigration process, a principal applicant is the main applicant whose credentials would be required to ascertain if the immigration requirement is met or not and, on whose name, the dependent applicants can be granted Canadian immigration visa. In the situation of sponsoring a spouse or partner, the spouse that would be traveling would be the principal applicant.

For example, if I am sponsoring my mother to Canada, she would be the principal applicant and her credentials would be used to calculate her point. However, if I am applying with my family members, my credentials would be required to calculate the required points.

As it is known that Canada Immigration process is a point-based system, it is highly beneficial that the applicant or the member of the family whose points rank higher than others be the principal applicant. For instance, if after the eligibility test, the wife is ranked higher in points than the husband, it is advisable that the wife be made the principal applicant or vice versa.

The joy and benefit that come from applying to Canada is to get you and your dependent applicant or other members of the family into Canada. Thus, a member of the family with the highest point should be made the main applicant.

In Canada, there are numerous immigration programs that are open to immigrants, however, one unifying factor is that they are all point-based. While the point requirement for each program may differ, the applicant with highest points in the pool is always given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) by the government of Canada.

It is better that the applicants understand the requirements of the type of immigration program they are applying for. It is also better for the applicants to get an eligibility test to determine who would be the best person to apply as the main applicant. The point system (Comprehensive Ranking Score, CRS) is calculated based on age, education, experience, skills etc.

If you are planning on applying to Canada via any of the immigration pathways, get your eligibility test done before you decide on who to apply as the principal applicant.

Which security Information should I keep discreet?

Sometimes, when your prayer gets answered, and you fail you manage it well, it might seep off your hand. There are some major things you should keep in utmost when you finally fulfil your relocation dream overseas.  

1.     Bank Account

So, if you are one of those that share their bank account numbers on every give away post or you send to your uncle every week, you need to be careful of those you share it with. In Canada, your bank account number is linked to your email, and if it gets into the wrong hand, it can be used to commit fraudulent acts.

2.   Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The SIN is a top-level clearance information that can be used to obtain personal information about an individual. It can be used to access your benefits, tax refunds and other benefits. You don’t want to imagine the possibilities if the wrong hands gain access to it. Keep it safe!

3.   Residential Address

You ever wonder why many people do not take pictures that capture their home address abroad? They are being security conscious. This alone can be a sell-out and you avoid such when taking pictures that will put on your social feeds.

4.   Date of Birth

This is also an information that exposes one’s identity. It carries information that is peculiar to your name. You should guard this information very jealously, and only divulge when it is absolutely necessary. Sharing it can increase your risk of identity      theft and possible fraud.

You can always take enough caution to secure your personal information as you experience the improving standard of life overseas. Speak with our Travel Advisor to maximize the advantages of living overseas.

Should I choose the United Kingdom over Canada?

Making a decision on where to live outside Africa should not come with a lot of stress as many countries in Europe and America are better off on many fronts, however, a serious challenge can set-in when deciding on where to settle-in between Canada and the United Kingdom.

The two countries have many things in common but one has better advantages when compared to the other. A place that gives a perfect condition of living should be preferred over the other.

Canada and the UK have historical relations and it’s a known fact that Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning monarch of both the North-Western Europe and North American Countries. Likewise, both countries have good economies, healthcare facilities, educational system, good weather and seasons, clean environment and other social and welfare benefits that could make life easy for both citizens and residents.

However, life in Canada has been described by many as “welcoming”, “multicultural” and having an all-round “high quality of life” regarding education, healthcare, and job opportunities. Canadians are so welcoming, kind hearted and very apologetic. Britons are also not unapologetic nor rude but Canadians outperform them in this,

The kind-heartedness of the Canadians also comes with the blessed nature of beautiful landscape that is incomparable to the United Kingdom. Canada has 48 national parks, over a million rivers and lakes, and is also blessed with the longest coastline in the world. You can also explore the majestic Canadian Rockies or the beautiful nature’s phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. You have all these to explore when you decide to choose Canada over the United Kingdom.

Canada is also known to be more business friendly and with a low crime rate. You can get jobs easily in Canada. In fact, more job openings are advertised every day in Canada, while you can get your desired job easily in Canada, you can also sleep with both eyes closed as there is a good security system and less crime recorded.

You will also spend less on tax and utility bills in Canada when compared to life in the United Kingdom.  

You can make your decision with this piece on where to choose between Canada and the United Kingdom.

26 July, 2022