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Within the Schengen Zone, Monaco Residency by Investment provides visa-free travel to 26 EU countries, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, and Germany. Take your family on a spontaneous European vacation or go on a last-minute business trip. To be considered for residency in Monaco, candidates must show proof of a place to live, sufficient income to support themselves and their family, and a decent moral character. Permanent residency in Monaco allows EU and non-EU nationals, as well as their families, the right to live permanently in the Principality.

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Monaco Residency

Monaco is a highly appealing country for high-net-worth individuals and enterprises, as it is widely considered as a highly effective instrument for international tax and wealth planning. For both natives and foreign residents, there is no income tax. Furthermore, until more than 25% of their revenue comes from outside the country, locally registered enterprises are exempt from paying taxes.

Who embarks on a journey without knowing the needs?

We ensure that we review the eligibility of every travel prospect as per the travel product they express their interest in, and advise on the necessary avenues to achieve their desires.

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We are your sure go-to-guy for hassle-free travel application. Every application has a given timeline rundown, which we always communicate to every client. The application process is handled by the best hands with simplicity and confidence from start to finish.

Our Offerings

Secure your funds without any limitations.

In the principality, there are no limitations on foreigners opening bank accounts or owning real estate.

Everyone in the family is eligible.

If the qualifications are met, residency can be given to the spouse/partner, children, and parents.

Citizenship Eligibility

After ten years of permanent residency, you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

Tax-friendly jurisdiction

Non residents are not subject to income or capital gains taxes. There will be no double taxation arrangements.

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residency by Investment Options.

Monaco is a highly appealing jurisdiction for high-net-worth individuals and businesses, as it is widely regarded as a highly effective tool for international tax and wealth planning. Furthermore, until more than 25% of their revenue comes from outside the country, locally registered enterprises are exempt from paying taxes.

Minimum investments of €1,000,000

€500,000 for bank deposits, and a minimum of €500,000 for property investment.

Ready to speak with a Consultant?

1. Consultation with our Immigration Advisers at the Outset

Our immigration advisers will assess your unique circumstances and lead you through each stage of the program, assisting you in gathering and verifying essential paperwork and producing a suitable property shortlist that meets your needs and qualifies as an investment.

2. Prepare Documents

You will be given a detailed checklist and will be guided through the document gathering step. All documents will be checked for compliance by experienced immigration advisers to verify that all requirements are completed, including proof of accommodation and financial self-sufficiency documentation. The confirmation letter from the bank must be written in French.

3. Application Submission

The Monegasque authorities will receive the whole application for a residence permit, along with all supporting documents showing evidence of lodging, applicant's financial resources, and proof of good character.

4. Interview for residency in Monaco

The official residence interview will be organised with the Residents Section of the Directorate of Public Security after the application has been filed.

5. Checking for compliance and approving

Each application is subjected to a full due diligence background check by the government, during which submitted information is scrutinised and validated.

6. Application Approval

You will be issued a residence permit once your application has been reviewed and approved. The government will send you a letter informing you of their decision.

7. Residency Card

EU passport holders can expect their card to be authorized within eight weeks of approval; non-EU citizens can expect a processing time of sixteen to twenty weeks. To become a tax resident, an applicant may be required to stay in the country for at least six months.

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