Cyprus Residency Brochure

The Cyprus Residency by Investment Program allows overseas investors to receive a Cypriot permanent residency permit (PRP) in as little as two months by purchasing a property for €300,000. (plus VAT). The property must be a first-time sale and may include up to two housing units, all of which must come from the same developer. After receiving the PRP, applicants must return to Cyprus within one year to submit their biometric data for the issuing of their PR card, and they must not leave the country for longer than two years. Cyprus residency can be used as a stepping stone to citizenship in Cyprus. If all of the qualifications are met, this can be obtained in 5 years

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Who embarks on a journey without knowing the needs?

We ensure that we review the eligibility of every travel prospect as per the travel product they express their interest in, and advise on the necessary avenues to achieve their desires.

Dreams come true. Convenient meets convenience.

We are your sure go-to-guy for hassle-free travel application. Every application has a given timeline rundown, which we always communicate to every client. The application process is handled by the best hands with simplicity and confidence from start to finish.

Our Offerings

Regular rental Income

Safe and lucrative investments, with the possibility of profit from letting your property

Life in the Mediterranean

Mild climate, lovely scenery and beaches, and 320 days of sunshine every year

High Efficient Process

In the applicant's absence, the application might be processed and lodged on their behalf.

Secure Environment

We offer insurance policy in case of economic or political stability

CYPRUS (On Hold) VISA FREE countries

* Visa on arrival



residency by Investment Options.


Purchase of a residential property in Cyprus for €300,000.00

Purchase of a first-time home valued more than €300,000 (plus VAT). Applicants may purchase a mix of real estate projects, including: — one apartment or house — two apartments or houses — one apartment/house and one commercial shop/warehouse — one apartment/house and one office.

Ready to speak with a Consultant?

1. Consultation with our Immigration Advisers at the Outset

Our immigration advisers will assess your unique circumstances and lead you through each stage of the program, assisting you in gathering and verifying essential paperwork and producing a suitable property shortlist that meets your needs and qualifies as an investment.

2. Viewings and Purchases of Real Estate

We create a bespoke property shortlist for you, comprising houses that meet your specific specifications. We urge candidates to travel to Cyprus to inspect the shortlisted properties, and once a house has been chosen, we ensure that the purchasing procedure is safe and simple. We ensure that all other procedures have been met, including assisting you in opening a bank account in Cyprus to deposit your fixed deposit.

3. Prepare Documents

You will be given a detailed checklist and will be guided through the document gathering step. All supporting documents will be checked for compliance by experienced immigration advisers to verify that all requirements are met.

4. Application Submission

The Civil Registry and Migration Department will receive the complete application for a residence permit, along with all supporting documentation. Within two months, a decision is made.

5. Application Approval

An immigration certificate will be issued to you once your application has been evaluated and approved.

6. Residency Card

Following approval, the main applicant and all family members included in the application must go to Cyprus to obtain the permission in person within a year. After 5 years, the PRP holder can apply for Cypriot citizenship (the last 12 months of which, the PRP holder would need to have continuously resided in Cyprus).

Other residency programs

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