How I became part of a global International student community network

When I was in school, studying abroad or participating in an exchange program abroad was a luxury that only a select few students could afford or even consider. Being from a low-income family, my parents had very little money to spend on us when we were young. But my father would like me to remember that he has given me the power of holistic education as a way to rise above poverty and become productive.

I began working diligently toward my study abroad goals with commitment and a desire to get better. I quickly discovered trustworthy resources online and asked insightful questions. I eventually managed to amass enough knowledge, and I soon fulfilled my dreams of going abroad to study.

Every year, I am ecstatic to see the increase in the number of international students in top study abroad destinations. As an international student, you should try to learn about the culture of the country you are visiting. So make sure you have plenty of chances to show off what makes your home unique. Plan a personalized welcome or ongoing social or cultural immersion program that includes visits to local shopping malls, opportunities to travel by public transportation (getting used to sometimes complicated ticketing systems), and excursions to must-see iconic locations in your area.

It is safe to say that one of international higher education's strengths is its ability to foster open, safe, and peaceful environments that value academic freedom and inquiry. International education networks are also founded on these principles of inclusivity and justice. Member institutions benefit from their collective by tapping into the diversity of specialties and collaborating on projects. I was able to join an international organization that promotes sustainability in developing countries and empowers local farmers.

Joining organizations allows you to gain valuable skills such as intercultural communication, foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving.

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for an international student. Take advantage of this opportunity to be the best version of yourself

26 July, 2022