6. Live Like a Local Student

Enjoy the local food, shop, and socialize with indigenous students. You will get to see and experience things that a guidebook will not be able to tell you. You might even learn ways to save money.

7. Show Appreciation Across Cultures

Learn how the locals in your host community show their appreciation. You can also demonstrate your appreciation through your appropriate use of the language, by observing societal norms and expectations, and by following established protocol.

8. Don’t Forget Your Family

Having your family’s support can empower you to address the challenges and opportunities of daily life abroad, while you gain skills in intercultural communication, problem solving, and navigation and embrace the opportunities for growth that come with overseas education!

9. Culture Shock Adjustments

Adjusting to a new culture certainly has its emotional ups and downs. As difficult as it can be, this is a time for you to consider your own values, assumptions, and beliefs and to explore how they are being challenged by your new experiences. As you work through the daily challenges abroad, you move away from being a tourist toward having a more meaningful engagement with the culture.

10. Study the Culture

Traveling, learning the local language, and pursuing local social interests are just some of the many ways you can enjoy your time abroad. But keep in mind that your academic courses are also a great way to pursue in-depth knowledge of your host culture. If you have the opportunity, don't miss out on studying alongside local students by enrolling directly in a local institution.

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25 January, 2023