Birdview Birth Services (BBS)

Don’t worry; we understand your desires to have your baby in the US, and we have heard many expecting mums lament the hassles of processing a visa, getting the right hospital at a pocket-friendly rate, securing a comfortable and convenient accommodation, getting baby’s document, and even securing a visa or Nigerian international passport for the baby. In fact, we have experienced it too. The good news is Birdview Birth Services was especially created for you!

Anne Christian Buchanan said, “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth and profound beginnings.” We understand this quite well, and that is why we will go the extra mile to provide you with so much more.


Maternity: We have exclusive maternity packages with hospitals in the US. You have our best assurances that these hospitals provide quality services that enable expectant mothers have access to good, quality and affordable pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum abroad. Our deal is unbeatable, so are our prices. Our offer is an all-inclusive package that guarantees that the cost of giving birth in the US is reduced to an extremely low amount. We offer assistance from the point of visa application, securing a doctor’s appointment, a hospital, accommodation and your entire living experience in the US (we make it super fun!), to the actual birth and documentation of your new born.

Hospital Appointment

We provide hospital appointments in all cities of the US, and we accompany it with a medical budget breakdown for your visa interview and port of entry.

OBGYN Appointment

We arrange a physical meeting with your physician upon your entry into the US. Don’t worry; we make sure you are in the best hands possible.

Accommodation Packages with Sam Joe Homes

So we can give you maximum, uninterrupted attention from the moment you touchdown in the US, we created Sam Joe Homes to come to the rescue. At Sam Joe Homes, we give you that experience of family right from the airport. That is not all; we offer you so much more… When you stay with us, you enjoy

  • Airport pick up upon touchdown
  • Airport drop off when you are leaving
  • Free trip to and fro four hospital appointments
  • Trip to grocery stores
  • Scheduled tourism trip within and around the city
  • Enjoy our super amazing Omugwo service
  • Enjoy periodic games and hang out with other women
  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Unlimited access to wifi
  • Cable and smart TV for internet use
  • Washing machine and dryer

And much more…

Sam Joe Homes offers a comprehensive and worthwhile experience. Book an apartment now!