Paraguay is a landlocked country situated in central South America, surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. A country of big rivers, green landscapes, folklore and a rich indigenous culture, it's relatively small compared to its neighbours, with an area of 406,752 km2 – about the same size as Germany. Paraguay is lacking in world-famous attractions, and tourist-oriented establishments are few and far between. But those visitors who do come will be rewarded with an experience of the real South America: colonial history, ruins of missions, vast wilderness, and a strong mix of European and indigenous cultures.

What You Need To Know:

  • Paraguay’s literacy rate is higher than that of the United States. Paraguay’s citizens age 15 and older read and write at a 94 percent literacy rate, compared to 86 percent for the U.S.
  • Relatively cheap to live and study in.
  • You can experience “the Heart of South America”
  • Comfortable weather
  • Hospitality is high on the list of social obligations in Paraguay
  • Paraguay is a bilingual nation - speaking Guaraní first and Spanish second - and one of the few in South America to have retained its native tongue as an official language.
  • The country is famous for its low cost of living
  • There are affordable and straightforward residency and investment programs, which lead to Paraguay’s citizenship
  • To apply for a permanent residence, a deposit of equal to minimum 35 Paraguay wages around $5000(N1.7m) is required in Paraguay bank. It is the main requirement to start permanent residence application process.
  • Permanent residence is issued within 70 days from date of submission of application.
  • Permanent residents can apply for the citizenship of Paraguay after more than three years of physical residence in the South American country and have exercised any profession, trade, science, art or industry in the country.

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