Travel Love Language

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 09:07:41

Many books have offered insights into the numerous love languages, which describe how we must recognize love from others. It is helpful to understand your own, your spouse's, and your family/friends' love languages so that you might communicate affection in the way it is most special to them.
Let's take a look at the love languages through the lens of flight. None of these are you?
Words of Affirmation
Following your flight, you receive a text that reads, "You are the greatest travel buddy EVER!!! Let's do it again soon,” or they thank you profusely for accompanying them on their journey. This is a melody to your ears, and you've already planned your next vacation together.
Physical Touch
You'll fret if you can't get together on the plane and who will you hold hands with? You're all boo'd up in your apartments, giving each other massages and who knows what else. The whole city is sick of your Public Display of Affection, but you're so immersed in each other that you don't care.
Quality Time
You're taking a road trip to a resort center with no phones so you can rely only on each other. You'll be doing things like hiking, touring and playing games. To be honest, it doesn't matter if you're staying in a ditch as long as you're together. Love is just in the air.
Acts of Service
They organized the whole trip for you, from beginning to end. They also helped you in packing your things. They prepare breakfast in the B&B every morning and dinner reservations at the Michelin-starred restaurant you've been waiting to try. They're taking the most instagrammable pictures of you, capturing all of the angles. Everyone else is just living in your world, babe.
Receiving Gifts
You can’t just believe that they surprised you with a fully paid trip to a place you’ve saved on your wish list for a while. You’re all set and they find you the perfect souvenir to remember your baecation. The memory is always rich and fun.
Have you found your love languages?
Probably travel is your love language in general! I personally feel that mine is quality time and act of service. I think physical touch is part of it too, lol.

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