Beauty of the World: Let Kenya Blow Your Mind

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 09:01:38

Kenya is one of the few places that offers such extraordinary opportunities to view exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. This is a region of dramatic contrasts and extraordinary wildlife on display with landscapes of great beauty and variety. Kenya offers scenic safari tours, lounging on pristine beaches and a broad range of sporting activities with an endless list of adventures. Let’s take you round Kenya to see:
National Parks & Reserves:the vast life in Kenya can be found throughout the country’s wildlife parks and reserves. Many times you’re able to see exotic animals like lions, cheetahs, monkeys and many others in their natural habitat. There are even many homes in Kenya that have wild monkeys living in front and backyards. As with many places in Africa, many times you’re able to play with some of the eotic animals at places like the animal orphanage (I’d recommend the babies not the adults).
Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya: While the majority of mountKilimanjaro is in Tanzania, it also sits on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Towering at over 19,000 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the 4th largest free standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa. It’s great for hiking and other outdoor activities and many say that the best views of the great mountain come from Kenya. In order to get the mountain you’ll have to cross into Tanzania and pick a good tour guide.
The Great Rift Valley: Thus is one of the most unique things to see in the country. The country also has a bountiful system of lakes and rivers. Kenya lays claim to the second largest freshwater lake in the world in Lake Victoria. Lake Bogoria is one of the most popular Kenya tourist attractions and is known for its hot springs, geysers and the Great Rift Valley. The valley is a geological phenomenon that is great for pictures and exploring.
African Safari & Great Migration:The African Safari is the most popular tourist attraction of all the things you can do in Kenya. There you can see The Big 5 and the great migration of tens of thousands of wildebeest. The wildebeest migrate between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The best time to see the migration is in July and August. Make sure you don’t end up spending thousands of dollars for a Safari.

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