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Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 08:56:35

Pack what you need and even those you’re still in doubt about. Going on a trip can cause pretty much butterflies in your tummy that you may end up being confused on what to pack and what not to, especially if it’s your first time going on that trip. Well, you can slice off those butterflies wings now, we got you covered. Here’s what you need and of course a bit more if you’re extra.
1.Appropriate clothing for the season: Okay, this is it! Once you get this wrong, you’d certainly be wrong all through, no kidding. If you’re travelling this summer, all you need is summer clothes. Summer clothes work best for hot seasons. If it's winter, there really may be no need for a bikini, don’t stack up boxes for apparels that won’t even make it to see the light of the day.
2.Foot Wear: Thinking this is no biggie? Haha! You’re wrong. Having footwear that fits each purpose is definitely needed. The season you’re travelling is also a great factor for what footwear to pack. And here’s a tip to always remember, pack a pair of socks even if it’s summer. You can wear them in-house just to keep your feet fine and good all day.
3.Toiletries/Skincare Products:You can not go wrong with taking care of your skin. This matters a whole lot. Ensure to get toiletries and skincare products that your skin is used to so as not to cause any skin irritation.
4.Money:Who doesn’t love money? I’m sure no one needs a soothsayer to know this. You certainly would need money and depending on the type of trip, the amount you need may differ. So just ensure you’ve the amount you need and maybe a little bit more.

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