“What do I consider when deciding a province to migrate to in Canada?”

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 08:43:09

Of a truth, there are boundless but dispersed opportunities to explore in Canada, and primarily a considerable choice should be the nucleus of your decision.
Employment: Some provinces offer greater jobs and job development prospects for certain professions. Thus, it put a demand on an immigrant to consult a professional's advice on the province that would suit his/her occupation.
Living Expenses: The cost of living differs considerably as it is in our home country, and it is advisable to be guided about each province’s cost of living.
Healthy Facility: Health service in Canada is facilitated by each province’s government and each has different durations of waiting periods before a person can qualify for the services.
Housing: There is no equality in rent and mortgage in Canada provinces. High demands affect the increase in rent/mortgage costs.

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