Don't fall for it: We will arrange an invitation for you

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-10 18:03:07

This is an outrageous attempt made by some travel agencies to get clients they are working for on visa applications believing that they will get the visa ultimately, this unfortunately is a sham and untrue. The process of getting an invitation is not such that could be manipulated by any dubious means as these countries always ensure immigrants pass through the due process before getting into their country and any suspected manipulated document would be thoroughly investigated, which could attract a penalty of a 10 year ban on such applicant's profile that will suffer a dent. Besides, in most cases, the unsuspecting applicant (you) might not even have any idea of the profile of the said invitation the agent is getting. Where a seemingly genuine invitation is secured from someone that you do not know at all, then you stand the risk of adverse association. This means that if the person already has a criminal record, then you will be viewed in similar light, and may not be considered for visa in years... worst of it is if the person got into that country illegally and later regularized (got his documents), then it is highly unlikely that you will ever be granted that visa. Never make an agent get you an invitation from someone you don’t even know! Hey, the most interesting truth is that you do not even need ANY invitation to visit any country of the world! But, in a bid to convert clients and increase profitability, some agents may damn the consequences with such heinous thought, throwing the applicant into the claws of a severe punishment. We believe that visa application is the art of storytelling and not falsification and misrepresentation. If you’ve been in these shoes, you can speak with our consultants on how to right your wrongs.

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