Can a visa application be refused after biometric?

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 09:14:15

Many people have the impression that in the cause of visa application and they get a letter of biometric collection from the embassy, that it already assures the issuance of visa - this assumption is far from the truth, as this is just the line of activity of visa application for some countries.
Most countries of the world do not conduct interviews for visa applicants, rather they only receive the applicant’s document via online submission (which should be thorough and explanatory, because it will be representing the applicant before the Consular that would be deciding the fate of the application). Thereafter, the applicant will be called to visit an authorised agency for the collection of biometric information of such applicant.
The embassions in this category always sound a loud disclaimer that biometric collection is not a guarantee or requisite for visa issuance specifically, rather they only engage applicants with this activity in order to have their data information and clear differentiation among numerous applicants who probably have the same names, as it is known that everyone in the world has a unique biometric information.
Then, after the biometric collection, the embassy will begin to review and access the visa applications that had been submitted. Any applicant who has not given his/her biometric information, except for kids who are minors, are as good as not having made a visa application yet.
It is after the biometric collection that the embassy will begin to run background check eligibility of the applicant for visa issuance. It shocks some applicants that even after biometric collection, they still get denied.
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