I lost the visa because of my travel itinerary.

Oladayo Odumosu

2021-05-17 09:14:15

“Many people who apply for visas only channel all their efforts on getting the visa and do not necessarily consider the viable factors that would show a compelling sense of preparedness for the trip - one of these factors is ‘travel itinerary’ and it is obvious that some people don’t even know what this looks like.“Unfortunately, I’m unable to give you the visa” - the female Consular said to me with a wry laughter.
I applied for the US visa and all that mattered to me was to find ways to convince the Consular that I would return back to my country and I had no plan to stay in the US. I had read the application form and even placed it below my pillow and was glancing through it intermittently as I woke up. At some point, it even appeared like I lost my sleep when I could not close my eyes again; I simply took the application form and was ‘cramming’ the information I gave therein.
The travel agent has told me that home ties and travel history were essential and I was glad that both were in check - I had been to Dubai for a 6-day vacation and I was at France for my colleague’s wedding ceremony, and even attended the graduation ceremony of my younger brother at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. I knew I was surefire good for the travel history and home ties - given my position as a Senior Manager in the banking sector, I got a letter of recommendation from the Regional HR Department, I attached the property documents; and I knew nobody could be more eligible than I was.
It was my turn and I entered with these documents, the Consular and I were having a smooth session, and as she was requesting for each document, I would present it with confidence, but when she asked for my travel itinerary, I was dazed and pretended to be fumbling in my bag, knowing fully well that I don’t have it.
“There is no way you can prove to me that you are going for a vacation, even when you do not have a structured travel itinerary. Many people who apply for visas... “I was really embittered that I got denied because of that ‘trivial’ reason.
We at Birdview Travels and Tours are careful not to leave any stone unturned for your visa application, having the right knowledge that any loophole could be the area of concentration by the Consular.

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