Writing Your Statement of Purpose? Her are a few tip for you. 18/04/2019

The Statement of Purpose is a personal statement about who you are and an important part of your application. 

It tells the admission committee a lot about you, your professional path and plans after.

In your statement of purpose you are giving answers to the questions; why you want to study abroad, what school you what to attend, and who you are. 

Here are a few tips for you

•    Be clear and concise 
Be as clear as possible when writing your statement of purpose. Try to communicate your message as efficiently and effectively as possible. The statement should tell the reader something unique about you. Avoid giving information that can be gotten from other parts of your application packet. 

•    Follow all instructions and guidelines.
Obey the length limits and make sure that your essay is submitted in the form it’s required to be in. Admissions committees will not be impressed by work that ignores their set standards.

 •    Edit, edit, edit
Just like other essays/write-ups, edit not just the grammatical errors but the overall content before you submit. Have someone go over it for you.

Writing a good Statement of Purpose is a task that requires care, attention to detail, patience and time.

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