How Soon Can I Reapply For A B1/B2 Visa After Being Denied Twice? 25/02/2019

We get this question often times than never.

We know the B1/B2 visit visa can be a very frustrating process as there is absolutely no way to predict with certainty which visas get approved and which visas get denied. But how soon can you reapply after being denied twice?

The fact is you can reapply as many times as you want but it is advised to give yourself time to evaluate and reevaluate the reason you were denied the visa, before reapplying.

For instance, if you’ve been denied on the grounds that you do not have sufficient ties to your home country, you’re going to have a hard time re-establishing that or convincing them otherwise. Therefore, you need enough time to look into this.

  • What’s our Advice?

One of the things we’d tell you is to let the dust settle. You have to wait and give the Embassy time to process the case and not just jump right back in to file a whole new application. 

You can reapply once you get additional information or supporting documentation that will further prove that you are qualified for the visa.

If you’ve been denied a B2 or B1 visa, we would suggest waiting at least three months, before you reapply.

Constantly reapplying without giving it reasonable time does you no good. It just digs a bigger hole in your application.


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