• Accurate, Complete and Genuine Documents: Ensure your documents do not contain any false information, or misrepresentation of fact in either the application itself or the supporting documents. In a case where the consular discovers you submitted fraudulent documents, it can result in permanent visa ineligibility.
  • Sufficient Fund/Support/Bank statement: Your bank statement must show that you can cater for your expenses while you’re away. The consistency and pattern of inflow and outflow of funds recorded in your account statement is credible evidence that must be traceable to a reliable source.
  • Proof of not overstaying: You need to show the consular that you have significant ties to your country, and would definitely return; Family, Spouse. On this note, a proof of your travel date and return ticket will come in handy. Do not directly or indirectly imply that you have plans of staying longer.
  • True intent/Reasonable purpose of entry: Have a clear-cut of why you are visiting the country; if it’s for tourism, medicals, or study. Also, be sure of how long you’ll stay.
  •  Show that you are ‘well-travelled’: Providing proof of travel history helps know that you’ve travelled before, that you always come back, and that you have never overstayed abroad.
  • Be confident when answering Interview Questions: The key to getting the attention of your consular is having the ability to engage him/her in an interesting conversation. No panicking, no fidgeting, no desperate appearance or tone, and avoid lengthy responses. Be Precise.


Most intending travellers fall prey of scam because they are told by some persons that visa is guaranteed. Have it in mind that no one can guarantee you a visa approval. Not even a lawyer, immigration consultant or agent.

However, there are ways by which your chance of getting your visa application approved is increased. There are no hard and fast rules to getting a visa. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Our travel consultants are ever ready to attend to your enquiries. Contact us @birdviewtravels for further guidance, and you’ll be glad you did!

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