About us

Birdview Travels’ dares to be different. Want to know why? It’s easy! We are not just a travel agency, we are your travel partner; we go everywhere with you! We give you the assurance that we are able to guide and ensure that you feel the pulse of every adventure a tour of the world has to offer. Birdview Travels’ Team are thought leaders when it comes to visa services, birth services, tourism, accommodation services, and vacation planning. We pride ourselves as the pillar you can lean on when it comes to having your dream vacation. All you have to do is think it and we make it happen!
We are Birdview Birth Services,
Birdview Visa Services,
Birdview Tourism Services, and
Birdview Accommodation Services with Sam Joe Homes.

What We Do

Our Team

Seun Kosh

Brand Executive

Talk of a Public Relations professional who knows how to make magic using the media, then simply talk of Seun Kosh! Oh, you saw our Ads out there? Did you like what you saw? Do you like how it feels in here? Just say hello to Seun!

Dr. O.

Dr. O.


Dr. O is a Medical Doctor whose first love is traveling and touring the world. Her interest in finding a middle ground between medicine and tourism fueled the inspiration behind our childbirth services.




Just as he is the founder of Birdview Travels, he has founded many other successful brands in Nigeria and beyond. He is the man behind Birdview Communications LTD, Glass House Entertainment LTD, Sam Joe Homes, Green News Ng, Ayo Alaba Idowu Foundation, among others. Ayo has more than 15 successful brands to his name within Nigeria.