1. Can we pay for your visa service after Visa issuance?

We would like to use this as a gentle reminder that we don’t sell visas. This is why we do not allow payment after visa issuance. It is also another reason our fees are reasonably low enough to only be for our services and not the value of your visas. We are aware that some agencies charge based on the value of the Visas, and it’s a reason we are happy that we are Birdview Travels!

  1. In Case of Visa Denial, Will You Refund?

Permit us to be a little witty here, as we have heard this quite a number of times. We are considering starting this when hospitals start refunding family of patients that die after varying efforts by the doctors. The Doctors have no control over nature; they will only do their jobs! We render professional services, and spend time –weeks, sometimes months –on every client’s application, and we simply believe our fees are reasonable enough as professional service. So, no, we do not make refunds of ANY KIND.


  1. How Guaranteed is Visa Process?

We hear this a lot, and we are always happy to mention upfront that No visa is guaranteed. Decision to grant visa is solely that of the consular, and cannot be directly influenced by anyone; not even a staff of the consulate. Our service only ensures that the applicant is 100% ELIGIBLE (not Guaranteed).

  1. How do I know my reservation was booked?

You will receive an email on confirmation of your booking.

  1. Can I have a refund for a booked flight?

Yes, you can. But in accordance with the Refund Policy



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