Package details

Always endeavor to give the best approach of parenting to your baby from cradle


Vaginal Delivery (VD)


Cesarean Section (CS)


Possible Additional Costs

Vaginal delivery with third or fourth laceration

additional $300

Vaginal delivery after Cesarean Section

additional $150

Additional stay for mom

additional $500

Additional stay for child

additional $450

Labour and delivery visit for complication

additional $200


  • Shared homes
  • Private apartments
  • Privates rooms


  • Physician fee
  • Anesthesia
  • One ultrasound
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Other supplies during cause of in-patient stay Normal routine charges
  • Six weeks follow-up without additional test
  • Private hospital
  • Two days hospital stay for Vaginal Delivery
  • Three days hospital stay for Cesarean Section
  • Car seat


  • Additional birth
  • Extra days at the hospital beyond agreed days
  • Delivery complications
  • Post-partum complications
  • Baby complications