Package details

Mothers are urged to ensure they give 6 months exclusive breastfeeding to their babies


Vaginal Delivery (VD)


Cesarean Section (CS)


Possible Additional Costs

Vaginal delivery with third or fourth laceration

additional $300

Vaginal delivery after Cesarean Section

additional $150

Additional stay for mom

additional $500

Additional stay for child

additional $450

Labour and delivery visit for complication

additional $200


  • Shared homes
  • Private apartments
  • Privates rooms


  • Physician fee
  • Anesthesia
  • One ultrasound
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Other supplies during cause of in-patient stay Normal routine charges
  • Six weeks follow-up without additional test
  • Private hospital
  • Two days hospital stay for Vaginal Delivery
  • Three days hospital stay for Cesarean Section
  • Car seat


  • Additional birth
  • Extra days at the hospital beyond agreed days
  • Delivery complications
  • Post-partum complications
  • Baby complications